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Flavorful Higgs bosons

Wolfgang Altmannshofer
University of Cincinatti


Seminar on Thursday, March 22, 13:30, Flavorful Higgs bosons
Measurements of Higgs production and decays have revealed that most of the mass of the weak gauge bosons is due to the 125 GeV Higgs. Similarly, we know that the Higgs is at least partially responsible for giving mass to the top and bottom quarks and the tau lepton. Much less is known about the origin of mass for the first two generations. In this talk, I will discuss a framework in which the first and second generation masses originate from a second source of electroweak symmetry breaking and outline the phenomenological implications.

Note: colloquium on Friday, March 23, 11:30 in G-715:  Hints for flavorful new physics

Thursday, 22 March, 2018 - 13:30
Seminar Location: 
Pavillon Claire McNicoll, Z-305

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