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Baryon asymmetry of the Universe : cosmology and unification perspective

Urjit Yajnik
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

The absence of proton decay at expected energy scales, combined with an
understanding of the sphaleron solutions has led to reformulation of
baryogenesis as an intermediate scale effect arising from leptogenesis.  I
review the proposals for dynamical generation of the baryon asymmetry of
the Universe, including the role of the B+L anomaly of the Standard Model
and the sphaleron. Connection of the leptogenesis at intermediate scale to
measured parameters from neutrino physics is presented. The status of
various unified models such as left-right symmetric model and SO(10) model
are reviewed. In view of the LHC continuing to restrict the parameter
space for supersymmetric extension of the SM, the need for new sources of
CP violation, a key ingredient of leptogenesis mechanisms, is hightened.

Wednesday, 4 November, 2015 - 15:30
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15:00pm, V-216

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